Pet ecommerce and service trends in 2020

pet business trends 2020

Healthy Brands Only

Millenials and Gen Z are not content with your typical box box store pet foods. They only feed their pets the best (and I agree.)! If your store is stocking unhealthy pet foods full of fillers and corn, then you’ll be in for a bad time.

However, if your store stocks healthier brands with good ingredients, then you can take advantage of the negligence of big box stores. You should also make sure to ask your customers which foods they wish they could get and offer to order it for them.

If you don’t know much about healthy pet food brands yourself, then this article on healthy dog foods can point you in the right direction. However, the gist of it is that you should avoid carb-heavy foods and focus on more healthy proteins, fewer ingredients, and quality providers.

You should also focus on a variety of healthier foods in all price ranges. That means dry foods, canned, and frozen/fresh varieties.

Digital Pet Services

Today’s pet parent is busier than ever, but they still want to take great care of their fur-babies. That means a rise in convenient digital pet services. Want your pet business to thrive? Make it as easy as possible for your customers to order from you.

For some businesses this means subscription ordering of foods and online appointment setting. However, there are also a plethora of mobile businesses like pet sitting, dog walking, and pooper scooper services that make it effortless to schedule pet care services from your phone. Think outside the box!

Pet Friendly Everything

Pet trends don’t stop with the consumer either. There has also been a big shift toward pet friendly work environments, hotels, and other accommodations. People love bringing their pets with them.

Have you thought about making your workplace more pet friendly? This can up worker satisfaction, and even increase their performance simply due to the fact that they’re happier and not worrying about their pet being home alone!

It’s also great for your brand image, because even customers love to see a brand that cares about their employees and their furry children. Likewise, even non-pet related stores that are pet friendly (like Lowes) see a boost in sales from pet owners.

Pet Comfort Products

We’re more aware than ever about our pet’s comfort and the importance of being aware of their anxiety levels. Anxiety can impact pets in many ways, causing them illness or injury, or resulting in undesirable behaviors like scratching or scent marking.

Products like the Feliway, which helps to calm anxious cats and prevent bad behavior, or the thundershirt, which calms anxious dogs are big sellers.

However, products that provide comfort to aging pets such as memory foam beds and inflammation supplements are also popular. Nobody likes to see their aging fur-baby in pain, and pet parents demand you stock these products.

Direct To Consumer

While in the past, you had to purchase your pet food from a retailer, now that’s no longer the case. Many brands have found that it’s more cost effective to sell directly to the consumer thanks to the internet. This is particularly true for premium brands like NomNomNow and other fresh dog food suppliers.

Though even if you are a regular brick and mortar pet store, it’s worth considering a house brand of product. This is especially true if you can offer a superior product to the customer cheaper.

Pet parents want a healthy food for a good price, and if you can offer them that you may find they don’t have a lot of “brand loyalty” to big brands. Many of today’s pet parents love to purchase from smaller suppliers.

All-Natural Pet Wellness

Today’s pet product consumer is well informed, and they do not want to use poisons or other harmful products on their pets. Now that online reviews are common place, it’s easy to see that many flea and tick medications can be very harmful to animals.

Pet parents demand all-natural products like cedarcide that dispose of unwanted pests without the risk of making their pets sick. They also want supplements and vitamins that improve their pets health, and it’s in your best interest to stock a full line of these products on your website or at your retail locations.


Today’s consumer is very focused on sustainability. We are finally waking up to the damage that we’ve done to our planet, and customers are more likely to see a company that cares about the environment in a favorable light.

For many businesses this means ditching plastic bags or switching to recycled packaging materials. However, sourcing products from local vendors is also a good way to prove your eco-friendliness.

Pet Insurance Is Growing

As the cost of veterinary care increases, more and more pet parents are opting to purchase pet health insurance for their animals. The industry saw double digit growth last year, and that trend will likely continue.

If you own a pet related brand, offering pet insurance as an employee perk is increasingly popular. It’s a very attractive bonus for pet parents, and you might consider adding it to your benefits roster.

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