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pet dropshippers

Starting a business is hard work, but it’s also expensive. Many people are put off on starting their own business due to the fact that they have to stock and warehouse their own inventory.

This requires a significant amount of upfront capital, and for many, it closes the doors on their dream of business ownership. What if I told you that it didn’t have to be like that though?

With drop shipping, your dreams of owning an eCommerce pet store could be a reality. If you don’t know what that is, or how to get started, stick around!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is where one company takes an order for a customer, but then another company ships products for them. Both businesses make a profit and the customer never knows the difference or likely even cares about it.

This can be a great setup for people who are just starting an online business, because it greatly reduces the risks to them. No warehouse space is needed, there’s no threat of unsold inventory, and you can make a tidy profit from anywhere.

Unfortunately, dropshipping has gotten a bad wrap in the past from shady companies that offer products with almost no profit margins and then compete with you on top of it!

However, there’s nothing wrong with dropshipping, and TONS of huge companies do it. You can do the same, and in this article, we’ll be giving you our list of legitimate pet related drop shipping companies to get you started.

Pet clothing and t-shirts

If you’d like to start your own pet related clothing company, then you’re in luck! This is one of the easiest ways to get started. There are tons of great companies that will dropship pet shirts to customers for you with your designs.

Print on demand is the easiest way to get started with dropshipping.

You can easily hire out designs on places like fiverr, or even whip up something in Canva if you’re graphically inclined, but if you’re already an artist it’s even better.

There are tons of print on demand sites that will put your design on shirts, leggings, stickers, phone cases, wall art, and more. However, some of these places pay better than others.

Redbubble offers a great variety of products to choose from.

It takes a lot of time and effort to promote your products, and if you’re only getting a dollar or two for each sale, it’s hardly worth it. So, check the fine print when you make your account.

Our favorites are Teespring and Teepublic, because they pay out generous percentages to you on their products.

(However, Printful is decent as well if you’d rather have your store built on something like Shopify instead of using a pre-made store.)

Pet Product Dropshippers

If t-shirts isn’t really your thing, then there are plenty of other pet products available for dropshipping as well. However, you might need to spend a bit of time finding something worth your time.

Make sure to do your research to make sure you’ll be able to compete on price, and avoid products that too many people are already selling. It can make it hard to break through the noise and be a massive waste of your time.

You should also keep in mind that many of the legitimate pet dropshippers require you to be a registered business. Some of them will ask for a tax ID number before giving you access to their wholesale prices and website.


dropship pet products shopify

If you want to use Shopify to host your store, then Oberlo is one of the easiest ways to get your dropshipping site setup. They handle everything, and you won’t need to make manual orders to suppliers, which is exhausting if you start getting a decent amount of customers.

Everything is ready to go, and Shopify offers some of the most reliable store hosting around, so all you have to worry about is marketing your store.

Reptile Supply Co

reptile products dropshipper

Interested in selling supplies targeted at reptiles and amphibians? This site offers a large variety of products ranging from lamps, enclosures, incubators, decorations, and heating elements. Plus, they’ll dropship nearly everything (except for live feeders) to your customers for you.


dog food dropshipper

Pet Dropshipper offers a large number of wholesale items for you to ship through your online shop or ebay store. This includes flea and tick medications, grooming supplies, popular pet food brands, and more. They have a wide range of products for cats, dogs, small animals, birds, and fish.

pet kennel dropshipper

Future Pets is a great site with a huge number of products that are hard to get elsewhere. This includes kennels and dog boxes, horse care products, and automatic feeders and pet doors. They also offer further discounts to you as your sales level increases!

Prince and Princess Petwear (UK)

dog clothing and cat clothing dropshipper

This is a UK pet products supplier that sells fancy collars and clothing for both cats and dogs. They’re happy to dropship these products for you anywhere in the world. Most of their products are light, so shipping is less of an issue if your customers are outside of Europe.

Dogs and Co (UK)

leather dog collar dropshipping

This wholesaler offers a collection of high-quality leather leads and collars. You can easily dropship these products on Amazon or eBay, or buy in bulk for even better prices to ship through a warehouse.

Puchi Petwear (UK)

uk pets dropshipper

Puchi Petwear is a UK pet drop shipping supplier. They offer a nice collection of doggy clothes, toys, and treats, including some nice holiday themed stuff!

LeeMar Pet

made in the usa dog treat food dropshipper

This site offers a huge variety of products for dropshipping. You can drop ship popular dog food brands, made in the USA dog treats, pet beds, flea medications, and more.


dog product dropshippers

This site has some interesting goods, but they’re not quite as user friendly as other sites in the list. They also have a number of products (like toys) which are shipped in cases only, unfortunately.

Mirage Pet Products

dog toys dropshipper

Mirage will happily dropship their collection of cute doggy toys, clothing, pet beds, collars and leads to your customers. There’s a nice selection of unique products here if you’re looking for something a little nicer.


Aliexpress has a lot of weird and wonderful pet products, and many people make a killing selling their stuff on Amazon or eBay. However, you should keep in mind that the products are shipped directly from China.

This makes things pretty cheap, but it can also upset customers if it takes too long for them to get their packages. However, many people are perfectly willing to wait for something they want as long as they’re told ahead of time.

Set Up Your Own Dropshipping

Can’t find what you want to sell? Well, there is another option. If your problem is space and time and not money that is. If you can afford to buy a bit of product upfront, then you can use a service like Amazon FBA to handle the shipping for you!

This gets you the benefit of having your goods listed for sale on Amazon, and it allows you to sell a much wider variety of goods, but be warned! Competition on Amazon is fierce. You can’t just sell their normal products. You’ll need something unique for this strategy to work.

However, you do get the benefit of using Amazon Prime shipping and letting them handle your picking, packing, storage, returns, and customer service.

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