We are launching our free long-form GPT based content generator in July 2021

how to use our free AI content generator
  1. Log into your Free Copy-Cat account.
  2. Choose how many versions of your free long form AI content you want generated.
  3. Choose the maximum number of words you want each version to be.
  4. Supply a tag such as ‘Machine learning’.
  5. Enter your seed paragraph or sentence. You can enter up to 800 characters (including spaces). This is used by out AI model to help generate your text. it is not used in the text itself and any output that is produced by our Content Generator is 100% plagiarism free according to Copyscape.
  6. Hit submit and we will email you when your AI generated text is ready.
  7. You can then edit it with our suite of editing tools (under development).
  8. And then output as a Word document, text file, Excel/CSV or YAML.