I asked GPT NEO to write an article to promote itself as if it was a business. This is what I got back

As the world’s leading AI lab, the University of Toronto Institute of Technology has an obligation to share our expertise and knowledge. We’ve been working on a prototype for five years. We’re working to make this work for the entire world. But we need your help.

The biggest challenge for many governments is trying to figure out which AI-enabled technologies are affordable, and which are not, when each technology may offer different benefits for different settings. 

We want to use our unique expertise in creating AI-powered apps and services to help governments determine which AI technologies are most affordable, when they are most useful, and which should be prioritized for action.

We want to work with you to build a roadmap that allows governments to identify the key AI technologies that can make their countries stronger, and which should be prioritized for action.

We want to make this work for the entire world. This is an ambitious goal. And while we’ll get there, it’s an enormous challenge.

In the United States, we are working to make the government’s AI decisions and use of AI technology in government as transparent as possible.

We are working with the US Congress to encourage the development of AI as a tool to help address some of the nation’s most pressing challenges, including health, crime, border security, and disaster relief.

We’ve created an AI-focused task force, an AI-focused working group, and several working groups, including a task force for the Asia-Pacific region and the European Union.

We have helped the US government develop a strategy on AI deployment. The US government has adopted a set of principles that address different aspects of AI deployment. 

These include requirements for public and private sector investment, public and private sector collaboration, and open government. It also includes the need for transparency about AI investments.

If you are an international government and need help building an AI strategy, we are here to help.

We have established a strategic partnership with the European Union. The EU and the US signed an agreement to work together to build a common AI strategy.