Data analysts are usually very well qualified and experienced. They possess a good understanding of the data they are analysing and will ensure the data is of sufficient quantity to justify the work they are carrying out. They will also ensure that any conclusions they draw from the data are correct.

The skills required for a data analyst may vary from organisation to organisation, but the following technical skills are the most sought after by employers.

The top skills a Data Analyst needs are:

  • Data analysis and data management
  • Data science and data mining
  • Business intelligence and predictive modelling
  • Probability statistics
  • Statistics modelling
  • Data visualization
  • Statistical analysis

The Data Analyst should be able to use the above principles and skills of data analysis to achieve the best possible results. This can be achieved through an understanding of the data they are analysing and the tools they will use to achieve their objectives.

The Data Analyst should be able to:

  • Analyse the data and extract the data needed, including using the tools available to them.
  • Prepare data and conduct data analysis.
  • Present data for management to understand and use.
  • Establish the significance of the results and analyse the data to find trends.
  • Identify the key findings for the analysis.
  • Assess the results before providing the final decision.
  • Examine the data for anomalies and investigate the source of such anomalies.
  • Examine the data to find correlations, trends, and the relationships between variables.
  • Examine the data to find unexpected patterns.
  • Use statistical methods to analyse the data.

The Data Analyst should have:

  • Good analytical skills
  • Understanding of the information they are working with
  • The ability to use their preferred method of data analysis
  • Understanding of the data types
  • A good grasp of the principles of data collection, manipulation and presentation
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to analyse the data and present it in an appropriate manner
  • The ability to use statistical methods
  • Experience working with a variety of data sets
  • Experience working with data from different types of sources
  • Experience analysing large and complex datasets
  • Experience with data analysis of complex scientific data
  • A deep knowledge of the tools that are required
  • A good understanding of the data analysis approach

What is the best way to gain experience in a job role?

Many companies will be hiring data analysts for the first time. You may be eligible to apply for an entry level data analyst job at a company. If you have a qualification or experience to offer, try to gain experience at an entry level job. If you have a university degree, read some data science textbooks and study some of the required data analysis courses.

This is pretty much straight out of a GPT Model I have trained. The only amendments have been to make the bullet points actual bullet points and remove 4 – 6 items which were duplicated.