Why you should use our free AI Content Generator tool

There are lots of AI content generation tools in the marketplace, all of varying quality and price. Some are more complex than others and most, if not all, do not let you use them to produce long-form, blog content. At Copy-Cat.co, we do it differently.

Simple to use

Copy-Cat is simple to use. Just choose how many words you want for each copy of the AI generated article, decide how many versions you want to create, add a tag to help you group the content, and supply a sentence or two that you want to use as a seed.

GPT-3 level content

GPT-3 level content is the gold standard in 2021 for AI generated content. Our home trained GPT model is twice the size of the biggest GPT-2 model and blows it out of the water.

Long-form Content

Most AI Content Generation tools, either do no support long-form content, or they support it if you build it a sentence or a paragraph at a time. With Copy-Cat we allow you to specify how long you want an article to be and let you set a maximum length up to 750 words per article. Then leave it to us.

Plagiarism free

Our AI generated content is unique and 100% plagiarism free. It passes Copyscape with flying colours. It uses the 'seed sentence' that you supply it with to get the article generation going and it is never used in the article itself. Guaranteeing each article is unique.


Our AI Content vastly speeds up the time it takes to create blog pots and articles. We do the heavy lifting, leaving you to do the editing in your own time (with our own tools if you want).


And how much do we cost? Nothing we are totally free and if you sign-up for a free package it will remain free. We may introduce paid packages in the future but promise that we will never downgrade or scrap any of our free packages.

Sample Blog Posts produced using our free AI Content Generator

The posts below give some idea of the quality of the output of our free AI Content Generator.